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TikTok, with more than 1 billion monthly users, has right now the fastest growing video sharing community globally. We scroll through countless reels with this app everyday but can only save them, not able to download. However, that doesn’t mean that videos from TikTok can’t be downloaded. You just need to be a little bit smarter.

We are bringing SSSTikTok as a solution to all devices no matter whether it is a smartphone or PC supporting any popular operating system. This TikTok video downloading platform is actually a website that you can access through a browser. Let’s get to know more about it .

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Main Features of SSS TikTok Online Platform

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Remove Watermark

The watermark that appears in the corner of each TikTok video makes your video look obsolete and copied. This online tool has the ability to download your videos completely watermark-free. It will appear fresh-new when you forward it or update on personal profile status!
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Mp4 and Mp3 compatibility

Which format would you like that popular TikTok video in? The MP4 and Mp3 file types can both be supported by this downloader. When we want to reuse a song in the background of a new video, we occasionally only need the Mp3 version. This gadget comes in handy in this situation.
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Unlimited Downloading at fast speed.

Regardless of the number of videos you have waiting to be downloaded. There are no number or speed restrictions on this tool. It can quickly download all of your TikTok videos if you have a good internet connection.
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Safe and Free

Everyone has free access to the tool and all of its capabilities. Additionally, the website is completely free of malware and junk. The interface only offers a downloading experience when it is opened.
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No Login or Registration

There is no need to register a new account or provide any personal information in order to use this free TikTok downloader. Receive limitless videos without having to reveal your name.
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Available For All Devices

This tool can be accessed from any location, whether you have a Windows or Mac PC, an Android or iOS smartphone, or both. On the website to explore, all you require is a regular web browser.

How to Save Videos from TikTok on an iOS or Android Phone

Step 1. Copy shareable video link on TikTok

Open the TikTok app now and browse the videos to locate interesting material to download. A sharing button will be located on the right, below the corner.

To copy the link, tap the share button. Reopen your browser and put the link into the search field there.

SSS TikTok

Step 2. Browse the sss tiktok download website

Open a new tab on your device’s browser and search for the ss stiktok website there by tapping on it. A straightforward interface with a search box will be visible when you access the home page and can assist with downloading.

SSS Tik Tok

Step 3. Link to Paste and Preview

The video preview and choices to select between audioMp4  and Mp3 formats are displayed when you click the download link.


Step 4. Download and watch

Choose your preferred file format and instantly download the file. Once the file has been saved to your phone’s memory, you may share it with anybody online or add it to your status bar.

How to Save Videos from TikTok on a PC or Mac

Step 1. Get the URL of Your TikTok Video

Open any browser on your Windows or Mac computer and access the official website. Similar capabilities to those seen on smartphones can be found in the TikTok web version, which is viewable on large screens.

Find the video you wish to download on the TikTok official website by going back there. The URL can be copied by clicking the share button.


Step 2. Visit the ssstiktok without watermark website

Open the homepage of the ssstiktok download website in the following tab. To access TikTok links, use the search box in the centre.

Step 3. Copy, preview, and select a format

Copy and paste this shareable URL into the sss tiktok homepage’s empty search field. When you click the download link, a preview of the video in the Mp3 and Mp4 codecs is instantly generated.

sss tiktok

Step 4. Save and Watch

Select a format, then immediately download the video file. It may now be accessed offline and uploaded to any social media website.