TikTok Sound Downloader


Who here doesn’t know what TikTok is? At this point, we’re willing to bet that 70% or more of the population has heard of the app TikTok. TikTok users span the generations, from the earliest adopters in the baby boomer generation to the newest in Gen Z. As a result, many kinds of videos can be found on TikTok.

People play TikTok for various reasons, including keeping up with the newest news, killing time while bored, or avoiding missing out on the latest trending music. If you’re the last person standing, we know what to do. SSSTikTok, the TikTok Sound Downloader, allows you to download audio from TikTok and play it without an internet connection.

Awesome Features of Downloading Tiktok with SSSTikTok

In order to download TikTok sound, SSSTikTok is a great platform available online. It’s a web-based service that can be accessed from whatever gadget you have handy.

tiktok sound downloader

Before we wrap up, we want to reassure you that your privacy is not at risk here; no sensitive information of any kind is requested or required. The website will not keep a record of the files you have downloaded. So, you may relax, because you know the proper application.

Download Sound TikTok on Your Phone or Computer

Here’s a brief guide on how to save TikTok audio on your phone or computer.

Locate the video with the audio you want

If you’re using a mobile device, launch the TikTok app, navigate to the sites you’re interested in, and then copy the url by selecting Share > Copy Link.

In order to access TikTok on a computer, simply visit their website. Once inside, peruse the site to choose the video with the best soundtrack, then copy its sharing link.

download tiktok sound

Explore SSSTikTok website

For use with any computer or mobile device, you must fire up a web browser and put in SSSTikTok tiktok sound downloader. As a side note, Safari is the superior browser for use on the iPhone. Downloading will go more smoothly if you do this.

tiktok video sound download

Enter the URL by pasting it

Your screen will then change the design with a search bar in the middle. Simply cut and paste the URL into the box and click the download button to get started.

Select audio format

Choose to download sound video TikTok from the list of available formats, and then click the Download button once more.

download sound tiktok

Play media

Play the file you’ve downloaded From your mobile device; you may access your TikTok sound in either the Downloads folder or the Music library.

It’s in your computer’s Downloads folder if you’re using a PC.